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Anwar Ratol

Anwar Ratol considered one of best variety of Mango. Its delicious, sweet flavour and strong aroma makes it stand out of rest. Small, medium-sized and bright yellow in color.


Chaunsa mango of Pakistan is  one of the worlds’ top varieties available. It is an exceptionally sweet mango with a wonderful fragrance and delicious soft, succulent flesh with only the minimum of fibre.


Dasheri mangoes are long and oval shaped, with a light green or yellow-green skin when mature, becoming golden yellow when ripe. Dasheri mangoes have a fiberless, peach-colored flesh with a medium-sized stone. The flavor is very sweet and aromatic.


Sindhri is one of the top 10 Mango varieties in the world. It comes with with deep yellow, soft & melting flesh and such ‘knock-your-socks-off’ incredible sweetness and flavour. Not to be missed.

White Chaunsa

White Chaunsa is a late variety of Chaunsa. Comes with light yellow flesh and fine texture. It is available in medium to large size.