FEPL has been exporting vegetables directly to the largest retailers in Middle-eastern and Gulf Countries. Vegetables such as Peas, Green Chili, Bitter Gourd and French Beans are being exported in large quantities. These vegetables are available in off-season in the mountainous regions of KPK such as Swat, Mansehra, Naran Kaghan and other areas of KPK due to their low temperatures even during hotter months of the year. Our ability to export these OS vegetables to Middle-Eastern and Gulf countries has provided a competitive edge over other agricultural produce exporting countries such as Oman, Jordan and Egypt which are geographically located in or close to Middle-East and Gulf countries. Due to the terrain and climatic conditions, these countries cannot produce OS/winter vegetables, especially from April to October, providing us a huge geographical and climatic edge over these countries to produce and export the above mentioned vegetables during the hotter months of the year.